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The Lifeboat Ball Pool

Perfect size for babies, climbing toddlers or older children for role-play!

Ball Pools from as little as £10 

when hired with a package

Ball Pools

Who doesn't love a good ball pool?! At SkyeLand Soft Play, we have a range of ball pools to suit your needs.

Baby ball pools are great for young babies who are not yet fully mobile and exploring their new found senses.

Our Giant ball pools (which are some of the biggest mobile soft-play ball pools you will find on the market) are great center pieces for weddings, parties or christenings.

Health, safety and hygiene are very important to you and as such, it is important to us. We clean all our equipment, including every ball, after each and every time they are used. This ensures that every step possible has been taken to stop germs, bugs and nasty viruses from being passed onto others.

To just hire one of our ball pools, simply use the form below.

      Baby Ball Pool                              Large Ball Pool - 1.8 x 1.8m                         Giant Ball Pool - 2m x 2m